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Steering Group

Steering Group Members

The Steering Group for EUSDR PA 11 is made up of the following members:

  • Danube states: Public authorities (Ministries of Interior) of all 14 Danube states
  • European Commission
  • Danube Strategy Point
  • Regional and International Law Enforcement Organizations
  • NGOs and civil society

XII Steering Group meeting - 26-27 April 2017, Vienna, Austria

XI Steering Group Meeting - 22-23 November 2016, Munich (The Free State of Bavaria, Federal Republic of Germany)

X Steering Group Meeting - 10-11 May 2016, Europol Headquarters (The Hague, The Netherlands)

IX Steering Group Meeting - 1-2 July 2015, Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany)

VIII Steering Group Meeting - 27-28 November 2014, Sofia (Bulgaria)


VII Steering Group Meeting - 1-2 July 2014, Bucharest (Romania)
(PA 11_VII StGr meeting_Minutes.pdf)

VI Steering Group Meeting - 25-26 November 2013, Budapest (Hungary)
(Minutes VI StGr meeting_final.pdf)

V Steering Group Meeting - 6 June 2013, Berlin (Germany)
(Minutes_SG_6 June 2013.pdf)

IV Steering Group Meeting - 11 December 2012, Sofia (Bulgaria)

III Steering Group Meeting - 19 June 2012, Munich (Germany)
(Minutes 3rd StGr Meeting_Munich_June2012.docx)

II Steering Group Meeting - 14 December 2011, Berlin (Germany) 
(Minutes_Second Steering Group Meeting_PA11.docx)

I Steering Group Meeting (Kick-off Meeting) - 2 June 2011, Sofia (Bulgaria) 


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Minutes_PA 11_VIII StGr meeting_Nov 2014_Sofia.pdf
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Minutes_PA 11_IX StGr meeting_Jul2015.pdf
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